Thursday, 13 August 2009

Another quick plug for my pamphlet: ON WARWICK

My recent pamphlet On Warwick contains poems written during my year as Warwick Poet Laureate, including the long poem 'On Warwick Castle', and shorter commissioned pieces such as 'Leamophants' (on the history of circus elephants in Leamington Spa) and the highly entertaining 'On the Renovations at Leamington Spa Station 2008'.

On Warwick Castle
: a "modernist pièce de résistance" (David Morley) and "one of the more ambitious works of public poetry generated through a local laureateship" (David Floyd, Sphinx 10).

'On Warwick' has been reviewed with approval both online and in such well-established print journals as Poetry Review and Tears in the Fence.

This beautifully presented pamphlet is available to buy for only £5 from Amazon and Nine Arches Press.